Dear Parents/ Caregivers 

 You will have heard the Prime Minister announce that we are staying at Level 4 lockdown until late Tuesday 24 August. 

 The rapid decision to go into lockdown last Tuesday night, meant that we were not able to send students home with their learning books and materials as we did last year. We are not in a position to enable students to access these. We had planned to provide some of our school devices to those families that required them in order to complete Home Learning tasks. Rachael and Jaki had also planned to provide some hard copies of learning material to support their students and their families. 

 The Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health are allowing a very small team of staff to go onto our school site, however we have been advised that this must be for a short time and in a very controlled environment. We are assuming everyone has access to a device in their bubble as everyone did last time, however this may not be the case now. If there is not a device for a child to use for home learning please email Grant, now and he will get one to you over  the weekend. 

 All Staff have met via zoom and are committed to providing you with support so you can continue to provide appropriate learning experiences for your children. We have determined that we will continue to do that remotely for the next two days, Monday and Tuesday. However if the government decides that we should extend lockdown at Level 4 or even Level 3, then we will do our best to get hardcopies to our Ramaroa classes, and further school devices to those most in need ( ie sharing with 3 or more family members) 

 On Sunday Julieanne, Dylan, Heidi and Toby will be in contact with their students via  their school email address and in some cases also directly with parents via your personal emails. Rachael and Jaki will be in contact with Ramaroa parents via parental emails . All teachers will provide learning for their students in this way, for the Monday and Tuesday and extending to the remainder of the week to provide some continuity as we do not know what is next!    

 We are already preparing for how we will provide both online learning and onsite learning, for essential workers children, if we return to Level 3 later in the week. 

 Please if you are not sure of something, or you are feeling confused or overwhelmed just email your child’s teacher or me.  Do not feel as though you have to recreate the classroom at home. 

 We learned last year that it can be difficult to always get the balance right.  We want to support you to do what is best for you, your family and your child. You are the best judge of that.  Ask if you need help, stop doing anything school related if it is causing anyone anxiety…it’s OK! Your child will be fine. 

Look after each other. 

 Grant and the Upper Moutere Team