John Parsons Resources

Recently we had John Parsons, an Internet Safety and Risk Assessment Consultant, at Upper Moutere School and some of you may have attended the parent portion of his presentations. John presented some valuable and thought provoking information about the risks of, and appropriate use of Digital Communication Technologies.

As a follow up to this, John has kindly provided some resources, however due to the nature of some of the content we will not be completing the module in school and instead have opted to allow you to download the information so you can choose the content that you are comfortable with in discussions with your child.

The documents can be used as a discussion point at home and/or also as the foundation for your own Internet Safety teaching at home.  They include valuable information to help you reduce risk for the whole family when using Digital Technologies.

Should you require a hard copy, please contact the office.

Bullet Points John Parsons Cyber Safety

2 Glossary of Terms

3 Answer Sheets

1 The desire to communicate

2 Parents Valuing Identity

3 Teenagers