This week we welcomed Laura and Casper  to Ramaroa iti.

We also welcomed Hannah, Nicole and Brianna who are in their final year of training to be teachers. They will work alongside Julieanne, Heidi and Rachael over their placement with us.

This term has a lot of events that we will be participating in or preparing for, as well as continuing to explore our theme for this year “CHOICES”.

In Weeks 7 and 8  (2-13 September) we will again be going daily to the ASB Aquatic Centre to participate in the Swim Magic Programme. Last year was the first time we joined this programme and the extremely positive feedback from students, parents and teachers meant we signed up to participate again.
Swim Magic provides small group qualified instruction that is tailored to the individual.
The students have ten 30 minute lessons followed by or preceded by a 30 minute session in the  wave pool developing water confidence etc.
The Board of Trustees will cover the cost of the buses so the cost for each child to participate in 10 lessons is $45 and this has been subsidised by Grants allocated to Swim Magic. Please, as always, if this is beyond your budget, let me know.

Also this term we have Winter Sports, Massive, Technology Challenge, Speeches, Book Quiz, Firewise, Tennis and Volleyball coaching and……………….  we will be creating our masks for this year’s Mask Parade in October.