Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Just a short note from me this week as I am about to miss the deadline for this week’s newsletter.
Last night saw the induction and first meeting of our new Board of Trustees.

Sam Duncan has been appointed as Chairperson by our Board representatives, Mel Marr, Iwao Fujii, Jane Chisnall, Heidi Olykan and myself. Congratulations toyou all on your appointment to the Board, I look forward to working with you.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank Monique, Elaine and Nathan for making themselves available for this role. It is very encouraging to see that we have a number of parents who are willing to make themselves available.

I also want to acknowledge the outgoing Board.
Nathan shared more than just his financial knowledge on the board, seeking clarification and contributing positively to discussion and decision making.
Julieanne always brought a balanced view to board discussion and helped clarify a number of school related aspects for fellow members.
Matthes served one term (3 years) on the Board. He too always provided very considered opinion through thoughtful questioning and solution-based thinking.
John Erni served two terms (6 years+). John’s practicality and his natural instinct to keep people at the heart of any decision brought a real strength to our Board.
Dot Kettle served three terms (9 years). For most of her time on the Board Dot served as Chairperson. Dot has the outstanding ability to lead with a clear vision. She is always strategic in her approach and has the natural ability to empower people. She can also draw together numerous strands from a discussion and the input from many, and present these so they are succinct and meaningful. Dot you have been a real advocate for our school, our pupils, our parents and our staff. Thank you.

Despite a good dose of the chicken pox spreading throughout the school and a ‘flu’ creating some hideous hacking coughs we have still had students excel in Cross Country Events over the past few weeks, and a number of individuals and teams take part in the annual Motueka School Gymnastics competition yesterday and today.

Thank you to all our parents who have provided transport and support for these events.

This week’s NZ Playhouse lived up to their consistent high standard. For the staff not only were we entertained by the three on stage but also the reaction of our students. One young man at the front was living every second and was so caught up in the action he was just delightful to watch. We have booked next year’s performance already!

Keep well… and thanks for keeping your child home when they are not feeling the best and coming to collect them if we phone because they have just started to wilt. Much appreciated.

Noho ora mai
Grant & the team at Upper Moutere School