Ramaroa iti
Marcus for the enthusiasm and rhythm he shows while singing and dancing in Ramaroa Iti. Your joy is infectious!
Soren for your determination and focus while completing your octopus activity. Your ACTIVE and CREATIVE lights are glowing brightly. Well done.
Zak C: For your great manners and attitude to learning.  You always come to school with a smile on your face and ready to do your best.  We so appreciate you in Turama.
Phoebe C.:  Your Confident Light absolutely astounded us when you presented your Antarctic project. You spoke clearly and showed your knowledge when you answered questions.
Khem and Emma: Your Thinker Light is lit up as you are tackling more challenging Maths. You are focused and working through your activities carefully and taking pride in your learning with clear setting out.  Well done!
Seth: You are just on fire in your learning and this is because you own it.  The way you listen carefully to instructions and focus enables you to achieve your goals to a high standard.  What an awesome role-model you are in Turama.
Phoebe E: You are such a star and mature role-model in Turama.  We love the way you have such a positive approach to your learning and the kindness you show in supporting others in our space.
Lexi: All your learning Lights are burning brightly with your attitude to learning impressing everybody. In Maths you always complete tasks to a high standard and you took the lead in your Antarctica Group producing an extremely high-quality presentation – well done to you!
Ramaroa nui
Lily: For the perseverance you showed when you completed the different gymnastics activities yesterday. It was great to see your smile and confidence grow throughout the day.
Bruno, Ollie, Isaiah, Keedan, Charlie, Sawyer and Eamonn: You have all impressed me so much over the past few weeks while getting ready for the gymnastics festival. Your enthusiasm, inclusiveness, commitment to your floor routine and your energy has been outstanding.
Marie-Anne and Madison: For showing self-belief when performing your gymnastics routine during Learning Celebration last week. You proved to yourselves and everyone else that you are confident, active and determined learners.
Finyas: For the confidence you showed during Drama this week. When you presented to the class you came alive and portrayed your character with enthusiasm. Very entertaining and impressive Finyas!
Keedan: For the research and detail you collected for your information report on Egyptian Gods. You were fully engaged in the task and published a great piece of writing Keedan.
Danni: Well done for applying yourself to new learning – despite having been away! We were impressed with the effort in our writing this week – your literate is shining bright!
Caleb: You are making an outstanding effort preparing for the gymnastics festival Caleb! You keep improving your routines every time you practise.
Connor and Ethan: an impressive performance in the cook off kitchen competition this week! Tasty, healthy and homemade! Your creative light was firing!
Nina: For achieving the highest award in the burger cook off competition this week. Your creative light was burning bright as you topped the charts with your gourmet burger.
Tevita: Well done you for using your initiative to catch up on the work you missed while you were away sick. You took responsibility for your learning and ensured you were an active, numerate thinkerJuliana: Super impressed with your attitude and good sportsmanship during our recent cook–off. You showed our school values of respect, responsibility and pride – you were shining!
Mya: Your learning lights are shining bright Mya- you are so busy, and speedy as an independent learner. I look forward to you stepping forward with more challenges! Tino pai to mahi!
Amanda: You were a legendary fielder in our sicket game this week – the “girl” team was so glad to have you! It was great to see you pushing yourself.  Your confident and active lights were shining bright!

Principal Awards
Ruby J, Sophie H, Saffron W and Evie Jfor the way they have collaborated to present their learning about Antartica.
This week…
Toby- This week has been a real standout for this guy. On Monday I got see an incredible piece of writing that seemed to just pour out of his fingers via the keypad. WOW…Then, Tuesday I found him concentrating brilliantly with Alexandra and he could not be distracted. Later that day I saw him again sharing this skill with his learning space. And on Wednesday he apparently shared his learning to his classmates with a bit of Floss thrown in!… I missed that!