Ramaroa iti
Ellie, Indie and Isla for the good choices they are making in our class. You live and breathe our Learning Lights and Values. We are so proud of you.
Satoru for the fabulous learning you are doing with your Reading and Spelling. Your Literacy Light is on fire. Congratulations, we are so proud of you.
Grace for taking responsibility for improving her reading. We love the way how you are listening carefully to your reading to ensure it makes sense.  Your Literacy Light is on fire. Congratulations.
Marcus- for being such a great role model for our younger children. We love the way how you are taking responsibility for making good choices. Keep it up!
Logan- What a great week it has been having you in Turama. You have already made so many friends. Logan we are very impressed with how you have settled down and given everything a go! Ka pai!
Emma H and Izabella – Your Creative lights are blazing so bright girls. You have been focused during every step of your art over the past two days. Your attention to detail is incredible. We look forward to seeing your feathers and bird sculptures on the walls in Turama.
Eva-Mae:  You are making fantastic progress with your learning.  All your Learning Lights are blazing and you are showing such leadership in Turama with the decisions you’re making both in your learning and within your friendships. A huge well done to you!!
Amira you have taken on all learning opportunities with dedication and focus. This is especially evident in writing. It is obvious that you have enjoyed completing your speech and we can see your Literate Light shining bright! Ka pai!
Hannah and Ruby J you have both sustained your level of focus and motivation in your collaborative bird inquiry this term. You were able to research, collate and rewrite information into your own words. Your dedication has shown us that you are both positive year 5 leaders!
Ramaroa nui
Bruno: For your caring and supportive nature. You look out for your peers and always provide responsible ideas during circle time. Thank you for consistently displaying our school values.
Fianna: For the effort and detail you have put into your two latest artworks. Your creative light is always shining in our class.
Emma: For your engaging and informative speech. You stated your main points clearly and concluded well. It was so great to see you standing in front of the class with confidence and pride.
Isla: For the energy and enthusiasm you have shown this week. You got straight back into your learning with a positive attitude, caught up with your book clubs group and showed great perseverance with new learning in Maths. Outstanding Isla!
Gus: For your informative and strongly opinionated speech around our Universe. Your ideas and confidence to share these continue to amaze me. Well done Gus.
Sienna– For taking your learning outside the classroom by finding out about the perimeter and area of the RDA arena. Your Active and Numerate lights are beaming!
Gabi – For showing whanaungatanga – you have a sense of relationship within the classroom, a sense of kinship and obligation to strengthen our group.
Harry- The empathy and kindness you show to others is outstanding! You walk and talk our school values. Ngā mihi Harry.
Esther – Ka pai tō mahi for the way you worked collaboratively with your forensics group. Your enthusiasm and interest really shone through.
Jade – Your leadership is shining bright in netball Jade. You are stepping up to support teachers and students when you referee and coach the winter sport netball teams. He whetu koe – you are a star!
Jack D– for your honest reflection on your Maths learning and being able to articulate what you need to help you learn best.
Costa– Well done Costa for taking the initiative and offering to be a buddy to our new student for tuakana-teina time. Your thinker light is shining bright.
Jack R– Your confident learning light was incredibly bright when you read your fantastic speech. You overcame your nerves and spoke about your family’s awesome trip.
Maddy – Great to see your confident light shining bright particularly in Maths Maddy 😊 Keep this confidence shining through the rest of your learning.
Caleb – Great to see your literate light gleaming this week in your writing. You showed organised and clear structure. Tino pai to mahi.