Ramaroa iti

Stella for a super start to school. We love having you as a friend in our room.
Jake for being a kind and caring friend in our class. Congratulations, we are so proud of you.
Casper for your enthusiasm and determination during swimming.
Cullen for the beautiful manners you use with our swimming instructors.
Laura for pushing outside your comfort by jumping into the deep pool with your life jacket on.
We are so proud of you all.


Tobi, it was so much fun watching you enjoy play Hockey yesterday at Saxton Field. You were focused, active and showed great team spirit. Well done!
Robert, you are impressing us with a new level of maturity and focus. You are in charge of your learning so you are listening well to instructions and our expectations. What an awesome role-model you have become.
Lexi, Jess, Bunnie, Khem for facing  your fear head-on and  presenting your speech in front of Turama.  Your Confident Light is now super bright and we are super proud of you! Ka pai
Monique: Your Literate Light is forever bright Monique! We love your passion and skills in writing. We may just see your stories published one day!

Ramaroa nui

Ollie, Isaiah and Bruno: For the sportsmanship you showed at Football yesterday. You all lead your teams to success during the tournament by making sure everyone had a fair turn and enjoyed their day. Awesome effort boys!
Finyas: Your Learning Lights are on fire Finyas. Your creativity shines through your recent art projects and writing topics. Your numerate light is always switched on when you are problem solving and you are active in class discussions. Awesome all-round effort!
Lily: For the confidence and growth you showed at Winter Tournament. This year you were determined in defence and proved to yourself that you are a footballer! So proud of you Lily.


Ada and Ariana – For the creativity and enthusiasm you have shown as choreographers for Massive. Ka pai tō mahi.
Cooper- Your Creative Light was shining during poetry writing this week. Awesome effort Cooper!