Ramaroa iti
Jake for being such a kind buddy to Austin while he was visiting. We love the way you took care of him and made sure he enjoyed his time at school. What a STAR you are!
Thomas: Your Numerate Light is outrageously bright! Well done for having stepped up a Maths group.   We loved hearing your comment about the learning being hard but fun!
Eva-Mae; Yesterday, your thinker light was shining bright. You saw that Turama students needed support and you jumped into action, by holding their hands and modeled how to slow their breathing down. Eva-Mae, you are a kind and caring year 5 leader in Turama.
Leon; For pushing yourself out of your comfort zone by being involved in the cross-country yesterday. Your active light was shining so bright. It was obvious you had a fantastic day because of the smile on your face. Leon you should be proud of yourself.
Patrick you are such a star! Your attitude towards your learning makes every one of your Learning Lights brighter. You are focused and ready to learn at Hui and do your very best with your tasks. We love your manners and maturity in Turama.
Kieren: Sadly this is the last Student of the Week for you at Upper Moutere School.  You always come to school with a smile on your face and something exciting to tell us about. You have been such a great buddy in Turama and we wish all the very best in your new school.
Ethan: For the effort you are putting into your Reading.  I love your eagerness to answer questions and the way you are completing your activities with focus and pride in your presentation.
Ramaroa nui
Isla R: For your engagement during lessons and ability to make connections between tasks. You created a detailed and thoughtful postcard with a great symbolic image based on the Learning Pit.
Ollie and Isaiah: You two were a great example of our Whakatauki this week, determination until the end with your cross-country training and run yesterday. We were very proud of the effort you two put into your postcard publishing this week too.
Marie-Anne: For having a strong and positive attitude towards everything you do. It was great seeing your competitive nature come out during our Rippa Rugby Sessions.
Billie: For being a good all-rounder, from engaging well in everything asked of her, from cross country running to literacy. Being very helpful to Sarah with a great team attitude.
Ramaroa Nui– Sarah and I are so proud of the way you supported one another during Circle Time today. We really admired your wise and kind words to one another
Esther – Mihi mo to awhina me to tautoko! Thank you for your help and support toward other learners in our space. We are so impressed with your kindness!
Brecon – No one can deny your enthusiasm for your reading this term Brecon. It is great to see you so engaged and determined to enjoy this new learning.
Hendrix, Barney, Annabel and Saffron – Congratulations on becoming our class Lit Quiz masters. All the very best next week in the Regional Competitions.
Lily –Your perseverance and determination to succeed in your reading is inspiring. You set high expectations for yourself with a great attitude.
Max – Your confident light is shining bright when you engage with your writing tasks, Max. You independently create interesting and well organised texts, and you are really applying yourself well. Tino pai to mahi Max!
Cooper – It is great to see you engaging your active and creative lights Cooper when you explore and experiment with technology. Your robotic programming was very cool and we look forward to seeing what you and your team can create with our new creokit sets.
Sally – what a great leader you are Sally! Thanks for taking the time to help settle your new buddy into school routines. You are constantly looking out for others and offering support. Ngā mihi mahana Sally.
Ben – Your creative light has been on fire during your drum lessons with Odie. You have wonderful timing and creativity – from Odie
Brooke– Thank you for sharing your expertise with Banqer by taking the time to teach our new student how it works. You did this with genuine care and kindness. What a supportive classmate you are!

Principal Awards

Last week – Nina; for her caring attitude, her positivity and polite manners
This week: –
Brecon; This young man’s growth in maturity and responsibility has to be acknowledged. Trustworthy, thoughtful leadership – impressive.
William D; This guy is becoming a very focussed learner. His artistic creativity to ‘see something’ in the negative space, recently blew me away.