Ramaroa iti

Austin, Jake and Ashleyfor a super start to school. We love the way you take an ACTIVE role in participating enthusiastically in all we do. Congratulations, we are so proud of you all.

Soren and Hope; We were impressed how you used your CONFIDENT Light while at Whenua Iti, rising to each challenge and how well you worked together with your team. What STARS you are!


Micah: For your focus and skills in working co-operatively at Maths time with your buddy.  It was so good to see your obvious enjoyment with the activity.

Seery: It was so good to see you giving everything a go yesterday at Whenua –iti. You were such a great team player in your group and we loved seeing how much you were enjoying yourself.

JessP: You are such an awesome leader in Turama. You lead the way with your manners and kindness to everyone.  Your positive attitude to learning is infectious as you give your best.

Morgan: Your numerate light is shining bright. Your determined attitude in Maths is infectious and is appreciated by your peers.  You are showing qualities of a year 5 leader.  Well done Morgan.

Sophie: The enthusiasm and commitment you are showing in Reading has made your Literate Light shine bright.  You are organised and willing to support other students.  This shows us that you are a positive leader in Turama.  Keep it up!

Hannah:  This is for the way you shine in Turama!  We so enjoy your positive attitude and leadership qualities.  You are always at the ready to help- out and give your best in your learning. Well done!

Lucy:  Your new found confidence in Maths is enabling you to have a positive attitude and enjoyment in Maths.  It’s so good to see your enthusiasm within your maths group.

Ramaroa nui

Marama, Evie, Amelia and Dyln – For the creativity you showed with your Banqer garage sale item. You did a fantastic job of upcycling materials from home for others to enjoy.

Madison– For taking an active role with our Writing Blog. Your enthusiastic and supportive comments have been enjoyed by everyone in our class. Thank you.


Max, Anneke, Brooke and William: Congratulations on representing our school with pride in the Nelson Mathix Competition. It was a great first run and we look forward to having another go next year.

Harry, Ariana, Ada and Connor: We were proud of your efforts at NelsonMathix – you worked so well as a team – level headed and scoring in the top third. Congratulations.

BaillieReading Champion – Congratulations on your reading Baillie. You have been determined to accept the challenge of completing a whole series of 6 novels – and you are nearly there! Mahi Pai Baillie!

Juliana: Organisational Thinker – Thank you for looking ahead and using your initiative Juliana. You are always looking for opportunities to lead, organise and be helpful. Nga Mihi Mahana Juliana.

RubyRuby you quietly busy yourself away, using your initiative and determination to work hard and catch up on any of the learning you have missed during your sickness. Tino pai to mahi Ruby.

GraceGrace, you set high standards for yourself and you approach all learning with dedication and a commitment to succeed.  You are a wonderful school ambassador with your learning lights shining bright!