Well we have had a fantastic week back at Level 2. Life at Upper Moutere appears to have quickly returned to pre-lockdown normal with additional awareness of ‘breath’ distancing and extra vigilant hygiene. We are really impressed with the way our children have returned, motivated and responsive. We thought we would take this week to gradually ease back in but they, on the whole, are ready to get on where they left off.

During Lockdown Level 4 I had the cause to come up to school just twice, as I had to apply to the Ministry of Education to meet very strict criteria to gain access. The school seemed sad. It was quiet and quite eery… Monday saw that disappear instantly and the vitality, enthusiasm and friendships returned with real joy!  Now all that is missing is you.

As you are aware we continue to follow MOH and MOE guidelines at Level 2. We really appreciate how hard it is to just drop off and pick up. If you do need to come into school please do just follow our sanitising and contact tracing requirements and pop in.

Next week there is rain forecast so the sign in and sanitise stations will be under cover. The  Old Post Office Gate station will be under the hall veranda, while the the main entrance station will be outside the office. Please sign in and sanitise there.

At Level 2 the MOH guidelines of  Level 3; regular cleaning, wiping of common touch surfaces during the day was reduced to just the one daily clean. We have stayed with the twice daily during school time clean this week plus our usual contractor clean at the end of the day. Next week we will reduce this, however we will not dampen the enthusiasm of some of our student cleaners who  have taken to it with real gusto! Hand washing/sanitising will continue at the same level as per MOH guidelines.

Thank you for all the support you gave your children over the eight weeks. The staff valued your feedback as they navigated with you the distance learning approach, learning together.

The benefits of having time together as a family certainly outweighed the lack of formal schooling. And boy have your children grown in the 8 weeks!