Our Theme for this year is “Kaitiaki – We are Guardians”. 

Welcome to Upper Moutere School, a school with a proud history in heart of the Upper Moutere Community.

For 166 years Upper Moutere Schools focus has been on learning, the way this has happened has evolved considerably over recent years and will continue to do so at quite a rapid pace.

Our students have greater responsibility and  ownership of their learning. They are the leaders of their learning supported by their teachers who work alongside them to meet their learning needs using an increasingly diverse range of learning tools to engage and challenge them.

We are proud of our students and we are proud of their achievements across the whole curriculum. Our Learning Lights empower and guide our students to achieve within a positive, supportive collaborative environment.

We are proud of our school and we love to share it with others so…

feel free to pop in and see us in action.

The Upper Moutere Team 2024 is:

  • Rachael – Ramaroa iti NE-Y2
  • Jaki – Ramaroa nui Y2-3
  • Toby – Turama Y4-6
  • Suzanne  – Marama Y7-8
  • Cathy – Classroom release teacher
  • Maegan – Part-time teacher, Ramaroa iti
  • Carol – Part-time teacher, Ramaroa iti
  • Olivia, Bridget, Yvette – Teacher Aides
  • Saree- Office Administration
  • Heidi – Acting Principal

Here’s to a fantastic year!