Our School Today

Upper Moutere is a semi rural community situated 25kms inland and south of Nelson. The area is predominantly farming and horticulture, with viticulture playing an increasingly important part. The community is set around the village, is widespread, and is serviced by two school bus routes.
Upper Moutere School is a co-educational state full primary school. We have a school roll in excess of 120 that usually builds to around 130 by the end of the year. We were reviewed by the Education Review Office in 2017 and a copy of this report is available on this site, from the school office, or on the ERO website www.ero.govt.nz.

There are six well equipped classrooms, a spare classroom owned by the school, ample resource sheds, a teacher’s resource room, modern library, staffroom and administration area and a multi-purpose building/hall.¬† The school has a large wooden deck sheltered by a number of mature trees, providing a relaxing area for lunch times. The playing fields are on two levels with the swimming pool, netball courts, cricket practice net and sandpit used by the wider community.

Parents are involved in assisting in the library, classroom programmes and transporting children on trips.
Year 7/8 Upper Moutere School pupils travel to Motueka where they are involved in Technology classes ( MOTEC) for a period each week.

Upper Moutere School has a commitment to ICT and all rooms are fully networked. We have our own website and parents can subscribe to have our newsletter sent by email.

There is a dental clinic serviced by Nelson Marlborough Area Health Board. A wide range of outside agencies support the school and these include the Public Health Nurse, Dental Therapist, Police Education Officer, Community Youth Workers, Advisory Services, Speech Therapist and Group Special Education and the Motueka District Truancy Service.

Pre-school and day care facilities are available  in the area, while secondary school children travel to Motueka, Richmond, Stoke or Nelson.

The School Board of Trustees has a Charter approved by the Ministry of Education that ensures the strategic direction of the school is focused and developments are planned for the future.

The Supporters of Upper Moutere School (SUMS) serves the school by co-ordinating social activities and fundraising ventures for the school.

The school and local facilities are growing significantly as the area develops. This is reflected in cultural and sporting interests starting to gain momentum. There are over thirty sporting and service clubs in the surrounding Moutere Hills area.

Upper Moutere School strives to ensure that all students are provided with an education that respects their individuality, develops their responsibility and initiative, and challenges them to reach the highest standards of personal achievement, while showing concern for others and the environment.