Our Curriculum

Learning at Upper Moutere

Learn more about our mission, vision, and our approach to the curriculum.
Our Curriculum

Our Learning Lights

You’ll hear about our learning lights a great deal when you visit us. They are the the basis for all our learning and are the way key competencies are developed at Upper Moutere School. Learn more about how important these are to our approach to learning on the Curriculum page.

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Student Led Conferences

Our student led conferences actively engage children in their learning process and provide opportunity for parents to review their child’s learning.

In a student-led-conference, the teacher facilitates the conference, but it is initially the student who is responsible for answering parent questions and concerns about their learning. Our students share with their parents what they have learned, show their parents their work, and discuss their outcomes.

Our Learning Environment

In this context, we refer to the physical environment our children occupy when they learn.
We are fortunate to have upgraded our classrooms into bright modern learning environments. Spaces that provide opportunity for group and individual learning, with areas that are designed to facilitate reading, writing, use of technology, artwork and more.