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6. Pupils of the week

/6. Pupils of the week

Each week our Teachers highlight particular students for their accomplishments, and we like to share those with our community. Here you will find the latest Pupils of the Week, as well as an ongoing archive.

21 06, 2019

Pupil Awards 21 June

June 21st, 2019|6. Pupils of the week|

Ramaroa iti
Marcus for the enthusiasm and rhythm he shows while singing and dancing in Ramaroa Iti. Your joy is infectious!
Soren for your determination and focus while completing your octopus activity. Your ACTIVE and CREATIVE lights are glowing brightly. Well done.
Zak C: For your great manners and attitude to learning.  You always come to school with a […]

7 06, 2019

Newsletter 2 June 2019

June 7th, 2019|1. School News, 6. Pupils of the week|

Here is our latest newsletter for 7 June. T2 7 June 2019

17 05, 2019

Pupil Awards

May 17th, 2019|6. Pupils of the week|

Ramaroa iti
Jake for being such a kind buddy to Austin while he was visiting. We love the way you took care of him and made sure he enjoyed his time at school. What a STAR you are!
Thomas: Your Numerate Light is outrageously bright! Well done for having stepped up a Maths group.   We loved […]

22 06, 2018

Principal Awards to 22 June

June 22nd, 2018|6. Pupils of the week|

Amelia B for ensuring Micah who had missed the bus got to his football practice…loved the way you handled that Amelia

Obi for encouraging the underdog in such a caring and supportive way! Thanks Obi great for my ego!

Ethan L… I am impressed with the way this guy is approaching […]

22 06, 2018

Pupil of the Week to 22 June

June 22nd, 2018|6. Pupils of the week|


Shayla– For letting your literate light shine during Reading this week. You clearly organized your responses to reflect our focus – ātaahua tōmahi – Your work is beautiful.

Kaia– Your Reading work this week has been awesome! Tau kē tō pānui Kaia. Your literate light is shining bright.

Louisa– Louisa you have been shining your numerate light by showing an amazing growth mindset toward your Mathematical learning. You take responsibility for […]

21 05, 2018

Principal Awards 18 May

May 21st, 2018|6. Pupils of the week|

Principal Awards

Last Week – Xavier and Liana for the way they showed maturity in their actions during an accident in the school grounds.

This week – Robert … I sat next to Robert as he completed a series of maths tasks online and was impressed by his thinking, his understanding of patterns and rules to solve […]

21 05, 2018

Pupil Awards 18 May

May 21st, 2018|6. Pupils of the week|


Ruby: For the awesome determination you have been showing in your learning, which also was evident at Cross Country. Ka pai to ako.

Grace W: Your literate light is on high beam during writing time. You listen well, respond to feedback and apply new learning into your writing.

Cassius: We were very impressed with your positive attitude and determination to succeed at Cross Country […]

4 05, 2018

Pupil Awards 4 May

May 4th, 2018|6. Pupils of the week|


Baillie– for showing your confident light in class by taking responsibility for your learning and thinking about your next steps.

Zoe– Your active light was on fire at Whenua Iti. You pushed through the challenging activities and grew in confidence telling us that it had been “terrifying but awesome”.

Obi– For your engagement and deeper thinking during […]