Our Student-led Conferences are usually held the last week of Term One and Three.

The Student-led Conference purpose is to provide our students with an opportunity to share their learning with their parents, bring their parents into their learning space where they feels comfortable and ready to share. Teachers are available to support the student and provide further detail to the information being shared by the child and the written report.

How the Student-Led Conference looks…

  • Each student has up to 45 minutes to share (though if longer is required this is OK)
  • There will be up to 5 students and their family/whanau for each teacher in the learning space at a time
  • Teacher will ‘check in’ with student and parent on several occasions
  • The conference is about sharing learning and achievement.
  • To discuss social issues we suggest another appointment is made.
  • Students will share their learning recorded in a variety of ways so parents can see progress
  • Teachers will have recent testing available and share with parents, RR, e-asTTle, PAT, samples etc

What your student may share


  1. Draft Writing, their Goals (Writing Rubric) and how they have achieved these to date and what they are presently working on.
  2. A Published piece of writing and then the Draft/ process undertaken to achieve it.
  3. Their Group Modelling book, if appropriate
  4. Any recent Asstle or Exemplar pieces of writing
  5. Spelling achievement
  6. Handwriting/ Presentation standards
  7. Reading, their Goals and how they have achieved these to date and what they are presently working on.



  1. Student Number Rubric and Basic Fact Sheets
  2. Present goals, past achievements etc.
  3. Mathematics examples of learning
  4. May play some relevant Maths Games with parents



  1. How they actively participate in class
  2. How the participate in school wide activity/ opportunities taken
  3. Goals and achievements



  1. Art Works displayed or are in the process of creating and the related goals to achieve these
  2. Shares Music… may be audio/ video
  3. Shares Dance… may be video or photos etc
  4. Shares Drama… may read /act out part/ characterisation, etc



  1. Our Learning Process Get It, Sort It, Use It, Explore Further (developed from Red Beach School) explaining the skills/ processes they have had to learn/employ to gain knowledge/ answer questions… They may share a Thinking Tool


What else… Respect…Responsibility…Pride….