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1. School News

/1. School News

News and Information from Upper Moutere School.

17 09, 2021

Newsletter 17 September 2021

September 17th, 2021|1. School News|

Click here for 17 September Newsletter


17 September Newsletter

8 09, 2021

School Open at Delta Level 2 Thursday 9 September

September 8th, 2021|1. School News|

We are very excited to  be  able to welcome everyone back to school Thursday 9 September.

It is very encouraging that we are able to move back to Level 2 now. To stay there we all need to be very vigilant.

We have now been provided with some very clear guidelines from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education […]

30 08, 2021

Level 3 School Bubble

August 30th, 2021|1. School News|

Wednesday 1 September we will move to Alert Level 3. As the Prime Minister said last Friday, schools will be CLOSED except for those children of parents who are returning to work and can not make other arrangements for their childrens care. 

On Wednesday, school will be open for a very small number of our students. Jaki and Julieanne, Dylan and Rachael are to pair up to provide onsite care.  They will join our returning students in our school learning bubble in Marama. They will work three days on and three days off starting with Jaki and Julieanne this Wednesday. 

Marama has been set up to meet the distancing requirements with family/individual learning spaces and materials allocated along with sanitiser and cleaning stations. 

 Please be aware that when Jaki and Julieanne, Dylan and Rachael are at school they will be juggling both face to face and online distance teaching. Therefore their responses may not be as regular as when they have just been providing distance learning.  

We must minimise the number of people who access the school learning bubbles, therefore only the known attending students and the assigned staff will be allowed in our learning bubble. The school site will not even be accessible for parents of the bubble students.  

The rest of the staff will work from home, however some may come on site to collect resources or complete tasks they can not do at home. In this case, like any other visitor, they will scan in and out, wear a mask and not access the school learning bubble.  

We will return to keeping detailed records of people who come on site for tracing purposes, 

The school grounds will remain closed at Level -3 for everyone else. 

The office will also remain closed. Saree and Grant may be on site intermittently. 

After Ministry of Health and Education requirements have been worked through, staff may be able to provide limited resources to assist with distance learning at set times via contactless collection. We will let you know if/when this is possible. 

If your circumstances change, your work place opens while we are in Level -3 and your return to work means you can not find alternative care for your child(ren) please get in touch with Grant, g.watson@uppermoutere.school.nz

28 08, 2021

Moving to Level 3 Urgent Response Needed

August 28th, 2021|1. School News|

Kia ora  
Yesterday the Government decided that we will move into Alert Level 3 on Wednesday September 1st.  That means school will be open to receive some students from Wednesday morning 8:30am. We will start to prepare our school site from Monday.

The key message for you is that if you can, you should keep your child at home. You […]

22 08, 2021

Please check your @school app

August 22nd, 2021|1. School News|

As usual we are communicating with parents through the @school app. Unfortunately this does not appear to be providing an audible notification. Please check daily for any updates from the school.

22 08, 2021

The School Grounds are CLOSED

August 22nd, 2021|1. School News|

A reminder… all school grounds are closed during Lockdown Level 4. Please do not enter our school grounds.

21 08, 2021

Continuing Lockdown at Level 4

August 21st, 2021|1. School News|

Dear Parents/ Caregivers 

 You will have heard the Prime Minister announce that we are staying at Level 4 lockdown until late Tuesday 24 August. 

 The rapid decision to go into lockdown last Tuesday night, meant that we were not able to send students home with their learning books and materials as we did last year. We are not in a position to enable students to access these. We had planned to provide some of our school devices to those families that required them in order to complete Home Learning tasks. Rachael and Jaki had also planned to provide some hard copies of learning material to support their students and their families. 

 The Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health are allowing a very small team of staff to go onto our school site, however we have been advised that this must be for a short time and in a very controlled environment. We are assuming everyone has access to a device in their bubble as everyone did last time, however this may not be the case now. If there is not a device for a child to use for home learning please email Grant, g.watson@uppermoutere.school.nz now and he will get one to you over  the weekend. 

 All Staff have met via zoom and are committed to providing you with support so you can continue to provide appropriate […]

18 08, 2021

Lockdown at Level 4

August 18th, 2021|1. School News|

As you will be aware our School is closed for Wednesday 18, Thursday 19 and Friday 20 August. We have been directed by the Secretary of Education not to be onsite, therefore no staff will be able to enter the school grounds. At Level 4 no one of the public is allowed on any school […]

13 08, 2021

Newsletter 13th August

August 13th, 2021|1. School News|

Click the link for our latest Newsletter 13th August 2021

9 07, 2021

Newsletter 9 July 2021

July 9th, 2021|1. School News|

9 July Newsletter-4