This week as you are aware we had Sally and Debbie from the Education Review Office undertaking an external evaluation of our school. After three days of intense scrutiny they reported back to the Board and Staff their findings. These will now be moderated and collated into a final report that will become public in a couple of months.

Some observations that Sally and Debbie shared that may or may not be included in the final report:

  • They had never been greeted by a Mihi Whakatau with a ‘flashmob’ waiata from the whole school appearing from gardens. In fact, each day they were here they mentioned how special it was.
  • There is a positively embraced Bicultural perspective across our school with a curriculum that is designed to prepare our children for their future
  • Our achievement data shows very positive outcomes and keeps improving each year
  • We have effective programmes and strategies in place to accelerate achievement of our priority learners.
  • Our vision and values, through our learning lights, is obviously known and lived by all
  • Our students are confident, respectful and know about their learning and take responsibility for it.
  • Our collaborative teaching and learning environments are extremely effective, enabling greater flexibility in teaching and learning with positive outcomes in achievement.
  • Collaboration in leadership, in teaching and in learning and an inclusive, caring, empathetic culture is evident.
  • They also commented very favourably on the positive planned developments that the school has achieved since our last review five years ago, noting that the school is future focussed and has high expectations.

It can be daunting having an external audit but it is also reassuring to have an outside perspective that affirms we are on track and confirms we are making a significant difference for our children.